About Us

Welcome to our website,

every month we will discuss cutting edge dermatopathology articles on the social media platform Twitter. Please use the hashtag #dermpathJC and the handle @dermpathJC.

We will use open access articles that are free for all. You can follow the journal club comments by searching for the hashtag #dermpathJC on the allotted date and time. If you want to contribute to the discussion and leave a comment, you will need to open a Twitter account. This is free as well.

This journal club is for educational purposes only. Tweets do not equal medical advice. @dermpathJC is affiliated with the American Society of Dermatopathology (www.asdp.org).

We are very excited and please join us if you can.

The founders of the Dermatopathology Journal Club are:

Silvija P. Gottesman @SGottesmanMD

Jerad M. Gardner @JMGardnerMD

Katy Linskey @LinskeyKaty

Jisun Cha @sunpungi

Adrienne Jordan @JordanDermPath

Maxwell Fung @FungMaxwell

Andrea Moy @aprimi

Gregory Hosler @GregHoslerMDPhD

Walter Klein @WMKleinMD

Sara Shalin @MightyDermPath

Patrick Rush @DrPatrickRush